Patristics 0-800 AD

Justin Martyr Tertullian Clement of Alexandria Ignatius of Antioch Polycarp of Smyrna Irenaeus of Lyon Tatian Cyprian of Carthage Origen Anthony The Great Ambrose of Milan Hilary of Poitiers Athanasius the Great Eusebius of Caesarea Jerome Basil the Great Evagrius Ponticus Ephrem the Syrian Gregory of Nazianzus John Chrysostom John Cassian Leo the Great Rufinus Augustine Cyril of Alexandria Pseudo-Macarius (the anonymous writer) Gregory of Nyssa Theodore of Mopsuestia Pseudo-Dionysius Vincent of Lerins Benedict of Nursia Boethius Gregory The Great Isidore of Seville Maximus the Confessor The Venerable Bede John of Damascus Isaac the Syrian